Program description:
Zoom Group Cycling 
Tuesday’s 630p- 745p
8 sessions, 4/6 - 5/30
About the  Zoom Cycling 

The Zoom Cycling Interval Workouts start with a dynamic cycling-specific and technical-skills.You’ll be taken through a structured interval-based workout with specific cadence and intensity zones (RPE, heart rate, power). These Zoom Cycling Interval Workouts are for all levels of athletes and cycling enthusiasts. An indoor trainer to participate in these sessions. 


Participants should have the following:
* Trainer
* Hydration 
* Small towels. Having a small towel over the handle bars will help wipe the sweat
* Optional- floor mat

Participants should use only one device. For example, mobile phone, tablet or computer. The camera should be set to either of the following angles:
    1. Vertical Profile on the right side of the bike with crank/ gears showing
    2. Diagonally (Not Frontal) with the camera slightly to the right. Preferable angle if there are 2 riders per household using multiple trainers
With either angle, set the bike with crank set visible. This means big and small chain ring visible. Ideal so that coaches can easily identify what gears athletes are using. Please make sure of the following: 
* Camera displays full body or the feet to upper body area with a clear background
* Set up is done prior to the session to test camera angle and audio so that when session starts, adjustments are minimal

Zoom Cycling - Round 2

  • No returns or proration.


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