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Founded in 2009, TriLatino Triathlon Club, Inc. operates with the mission of:

Increasing the participation of Latinos in triathlon and endurance sports, promoting healthy lifestyles and uplifting our communities.

Simultaneously, TriLatino also aims to eliminate prejudicial stereotypes related to Latinos and other minorities with respect to their involvement in triathlon and endurance sports; eliminate the disproportionate incidence rates in Latino and other minority communities of certain preventable diseases understood to be related to inactivity, poor nutritional habits and lack of fitness and conditioning (obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) eliminate childhood obesity in general, and childhood obesity among Latinos in particular; and make more accessible to individuals of lower income a sport whose participation is disproportionately represented by individuals having an average income more than twice the national average.

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Since our inception, TriLatino has been a proud member club of USA Triathlon (USAT), the National Governing Body for the sport of triathlon and duathlon. USA Triathlon sanctions events, picks national, world and Olympic teams; trains and hires officials; promotes the sport, etc. To learn more about USA Triathlon and the official rules click on the USAT Logo to be directed to

USAT Official Club

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