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As part of our effort to uplift our communities by fighting to reduce the high incidence of diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and other epidemics affecting our Latino neighborhoods, every year we invite local high school students to explore the sport of triathlon. Through the after school program, we take a deep dive into endurance training and critical life skills to grow our athletes into community leaders and advocates. This year's program will tentatively run from 2/6/2024 through 6/17/2024.


This year we will offer strength, yoga, pool, bike, and running sessions as well as healthy lifestyle workshops. During the 2024 season, our admissions process is open November 1, 2023 - December 12, 2023 to students interested in training with TriLatino.


Submission Deadline: 12/12/2023 

The program is 100 percent supported by generous funding and community supporters. 

2024 Juniors Registration 
Parental/Guardian Acknowledgement
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Juniors undertake a 20-week triathlon training program under the expert instruction of USAT certified coaches to participate in their first endurance event .



To support them through completion of the program and to provide a positive role model, all of our Junior athletes are paired with an adult TriLatino triathlete as a mentor. We developed our mentorship program based upon capacity building consulting services that we received from the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.



Our Healthy Lifestyles Workshop series consists of nutrition education for the students and their families. Led by licensed doctors from Lincoln Medical Center, students have seminars on, but not limited to, healthy eating, food selection, food label reading, diet-related diseases, drugs/alcohol/tobacco, and training and competition diets.

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Documentary film maker, Julio Pabon, Jr. of Selva City Media chronicled the inaugural year of the TriLatino Junior Team. It is a heart-warming and inspiring story of the kids, coaches, teachers and TriLatino staff who made up that first edition of TriLatino Junior. If you’re interested in seeing where it all began, just click on the button below!

Please help us continue to fight the good fight by making a DONATION to the TriLatino Junior Program. Your Tax-deductible donation will go a long way in helping us provide equipment, training, education and nutrition to these remarkable youths, as well as, pay for training facilities.

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