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There is no doubt that open water swimming can be a daunting experience to anyone doing it for the first time, whether you are a confident swimmer or not. The water is usually cold (especially in the northeast), often very dark, you are wearing a tight rubber suit and there are lots of people of all different abilities around you probably thinking everything you are. Well worry no more!


But TriLatino is here to offer everyone the opportunity to gain valuable open water training before your races with organized, coached open water swim sessions.


You can learn the basics of open water swimming (sighting, drafting, beach start water entry etc.) from our experienced coaches, train with other people who have exactly the same worries and concerns as you do. Whether it is your first time in a wetsuit, your first time in open water, or you want to learn how to swim freestyle, we can offer you any advice you need, answer any questions you have, demonstrate and explain anything you want to make your fears and worries go away!

For members only

$50 per open water swim

2020 dates include:

  • May 10th

  • June 7th

  • July 12th

Note: Dates subject to change

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