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Program description:
In-Person Injury Prevention Workshop


April 22, 2024




Moving Boddy Resources

112 W. 27th Street

New York, NY 10001


About the Injury Workshop:

This hands-on workshop will cover topics including the importance of strength training, types of strength training, how strength training helps athletes, and the sling method, and Feldenkrais exercises to improve performance.


About Ekta Lund, PT, MSPT, CFMT, CKTP:

Ekta Lund, founder of Prana Health, brings a wealth of expertise in orthopedic manual therapy, honed through diverse clinical experiences with clients of all ages. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh's top-tier physical therapy program, Ekta's journey led her to become a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) within the IPA (Institute of Physical Arts) model. Employing hands-on techniques and targeted exercises, she adeptly addresses mechanical joint and soft tissue impairments, alongside neuromuscular dysfunction. Continuously expanding her skills, she delves into visceral mobilization techniques and diverse breathing sciences. Beyond her clinical endeavors, Ekta finds solace in outdoor pursuits like hiking, running—having completed notable marathons—and biking, including a successful duathlon completion in 2023.

In-Person Injury Prevention Workshop w/Ekta Lund

  • No returns or proration.

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