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Full Payment: $550 / Payment Plan: $600


Spring/Summer 2020 training: Mar 23, 2019 through Sept 3, 2020

Swimming is – for most – the greatest challenge in entering the sport of triathlon. We provide athletes of all abilities with the opportunity to learn and improve upon this important life skill. Our sessions will boost your confidence in the water by breaking down all the technique you need to learn by levels of ability. We give you time to get down the fundamentals, such as breathing and feeling comfortable in the water, before diving into endurance and speed building techniques.

Choose from one of four levels of ability as follows:

Learn to Swim

Lose your fear of the water this 2018! You know how important it is to be able to enjoy a pool or beach without having to worry about being safe. This session will teach you to breath, basic swim skills and get you comfortable being in the water. By the time the session ends you should be able to confidently get from a few pool laps in!

Beginner Swim

Getting from one side of the pool to the next is no big deal, now let us help improve on your form and technique. This session will teach you proper swim skills and breathing. By the time you are done with this class you should be able to glide thru the water more efficiently and breathing under water should be second nature.

Intermediate Swim

Designed for swimmers who have fundamentals down and now looking to build technique to swim faster and longer. This session will help you build endurance, give you pointers towards transferring your skills into the open water and improve your coordination in the water.

Advanced Swim

This session is designed for strong swimmers looking to develop greater skill in the pool or open water. Coaching will focus on endurance swimming at a fast pace. We will help you tweak your form to develop greater comfort in your swim technique to challenge your personal best.

Training day:

Tuesdays, 8pm- Advanced @ Vanderbilt YMCA. Location: 224 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017

Thursdays, 7-8pm –Beginner and Intermediate@ Seahorse Fitness Inc. Location: 69 Columbia Street, NYC 10002

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