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Spring/Summer Season 2020: Mar 23 2020 through Sept 3, 2020

Looking to have fun while you train? You’ve come to the right place!

TriLatino thrives in creating a supportive and caring atmosphere where perceived limits get challenged by coaches that want to get to know you by name, care about who you are, and what you are trying to do. Our certified coaching staff delivers top notch training programs that help you accomplish your athletic goals while building healthy lifestyles. During every training session, you’ll improve your skills, build endurance, and enjoy the support of your teammates.

Our programs

Dive into triathlon or simply focus on a single sport.

We have training options to fit your training preferences and needs. If you are looking to conquer a triathlon you can train for each discipline once a week (swim, bike run) or upgrade to our TriLatino Plus triathlon program which offers weekly training schedules customized to your races.

For single disciplines, we also have:


  • Swim packages include a learn-to-swim track for those looking to get their feet wet and open water swims to build confidence outside the pool. We also offer a competitive endurance and speed training

  • Our run packages include beginner programs, running speed and endurance or marathon training.

  • Bike training includes learn- to- ride, bike handling, endurance and road riding for more advanced cyclists

  • Strength/yoga training help us build our strength and flexibility in an environment that is accessible to all levels


More than just training.


One of the biggest benefits of joining is getting to know your TriLatino family and making new friends. We organize monthly outings ranging from socials, team races and volunteer opportunities to encourage athletes to get to know each other in a more personal level. We are grateful for the friendships we continue to enable with every new training season.

Do I have to be Latino to join?


Absolutely not!  You just got to have a little Salsa in your soul! TriLatino opens its doors to ALL people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religious or political beliefs. What is important is that you are a respectful teammate and supporter of our mission and our desire to positively impact our community.


Full Payment $769 / Payment Plan $819


Full Payment $999 / Payment Plan $1049


Full Payment $550 / Payment Plan $600

Members Only


Full Payment $295 / Payment Plan $345


Full Payment $395 / Payment Plan $445


Full Payment $340/Payment Plan $390


$50 per Open Water Swim

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